Improve Data Quality Instantly Upon Activation

The only solution that targets all dimensions of data quality proactively

  • Editable, ready-to-go templates
  • One-click activation
  • Immediate results

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Customizable Builder for Unlimited Uses

No-code design – Simple point-and-click interface

Customizable workflows – Integrate tailored conversations pertinent to your business

Unlimited possibilities – Delpha is industry-agnostic and can assist any type of company using Salesforce


AI Recommender for Tailored Next Best Actions

Improve Data Quality and Productivity Intelligently

  • Real-time results – AI can process large volumes of data efficiently to offer immediate actions
  • Personalized recommendations – Machine Learning powers our recommender engine to provide user-specific solutions
  • Augmented performance – Delpha helps end user prioritize tasks and automate workflows

Built-in Salesforce,
Available on AppExchange

Delpha Assistant trust icon

Trust is Top Priority

  • 100% built-in Salesforce
  • Secure by design
  • No data migration necessary

Easy Activation

  • Only a couple clicks to install
  • No external plug-in
  • Works will all devices and operating systems
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  • Eligible for all Salesforce Clouds
  • No minimal user requirement
  • Lightning-ready