Intelligently Improve Data Quality and Productivity

Delpha is an AI solution that augments all employees to achieve data excellence

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Actionable Insights Specific to Your Needs

Get recommendations in Salesforce to improve data quality and increase productivity

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  • Entity matching
  • Manage duplicates
  • Complete missing fields
  • Check website validity
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  • Manage duplicates
  • Fix inaccurate names
  • Correct emails
  • Enrich details
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Opportunities & Cases

  • Identify anomalies
  • Update opportunities/sales velocity
  • Service/Call center velocity
  • Classification/product recommendation

Comprehensive Solution for Today’s Data-Driven Companies

Delpha eliminates bad data that is stifling Salesforce ROI, decreasing productivity and preventing business success

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  • Increase Salesforce ROI
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  • Improve bottom line by growing revenues and reducing costs
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  • Ensure success in all digital projects

We implemented Delpha in our Customer Service team and saw a reduction of 50% time spent on claim processing and allowed us to deliver faster, more efficient customer service. Overall the solution has been incredibly easy to use and has produced great productivity results for our team!

Equip Everyone With Personalized Recommendations at the Right Moment

Delpha delivers actionable insights via convenient UI inside Salesforce

Get tailored recommendations based on multiple data

  • User profile
  • Behavior on Salesforce
  • Usage of Delpha
  • Internal and external data
Delpha synthesizes relevant data inside the conversations for easy decision making

Discover relevant data for easy decision making

  • Active notifications are more effective in eliciting action than rules and passive notifications
  • Preserves human-input to prevent loss of important information
  • Feedback loop improves relevancy and accuracy of recommendations

Automate workflows to make instant changes

  • Offload admin tasks
  • Automate actions to improve productivity
  • Free up your employee’s time to focus on high-value work

Human Augmentation is the Answer in this Digital Era

Pair users with an intelligent co-pilot

  • Improve data quality more effectively and safeguard against decay
  • Stop spending human resources on low-value, time-consuming tasks
  • Enhance productivity of all teams using Salesforce
Benefits of Augmentation
Improve data quality with human augmentation

Improve Business Effectiveness Quickly and Easily

Native Salesforce activation, secure usage

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  • 100% built-in Salesforce
  • Simple download process
  • Proactive customer support to ensure success
  • Pre-installed features that are ready upon activation
  • Customizable builder – no coding necessary!

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Data Debt is Causing Huge Losses Today and will Grow Exponentially Tomorrow


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