Intelligently Improve Data Quality and Productivity

Delpha is an AI solution that augments users to achieve good data for the entire company

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Increase Productivity with Human Augmentation

Activate AI for better data:

  • Automates low-value, time-consuming tasks
  • Suggests solutions for incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated data in real-time
  • Recommends next best actions unique to the user and sales processes
Delpha features
Business professional is working with Delpha co-pilot

Achieve High-Quality Data

Good data will enable your teams to drive greater success

Delpha's home screen to select conversations

Work Smarter

  • Increase efficiency with improved data quality
  • Transform data into actionable insights
  • Suggest next best actions
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Delpha deduplicating records with user engagement

Make Better Decisions Faster

  • Human augmentation for better decision making
  • Automate tasks for efficient workflow
  • Achieve greater results with assisted process adherence
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Delpha executing data quality improvements after user confirmation

Save Time

  • Increase productivity
  • Improve employee and customer experiences
  • Real-time recommendations and instant results
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Improve Business Effectiveness Quickly and Easily

Native Salesforce activation, secure usage

Vector graphic of sales efficiency
  • Convenient availability on Salesforce AppExchange
  • Simple download process
  • Proactive customer support to ensure success
  • Pre-installed features that are ready upon activation
  • Customizable builder – no coding necessary!

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When Data is Bad,
It’s Bad for Everyone


est. cost of bad data for US businesses


cause of CRM failure


avg. loss in revenue due to bad data


stalled productivity