Your Comprehensive Customer Data Quality Solution

Leveraging Cutting-Edge AI, Delpha ensures accurate and reliable data to drive enhanced revenue performance.

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Thousands of users over the world grow their businesses with Delpha

Delpha Ensures Great Data for Better Revenue

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Assess the quality of your data easier

  • Advanced AI – efficient and comprehensive assessment of all business data
  • Manage with dashboards – we compile all the findings in a pre-built dashboard to show where and what problems exist in your CRM
  • No volume restrictions – regardless of the size of your database, Delpha’s AI can assess any volume of data
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Correct data problems at scale

  • Auto-pilot – Delpha can resolve your data quality problems automatically based on your preferred rules
  • Mass merge – if automation isn’t your cup of tea, we’ve created unique features for admins and data stewards to perform large batch processes.
  • Increase productivity – Delpha was designed to save you time from tedious data cleaning and verification tasks.
Delpha synthesizes relevant data inside the conversations for easy decision making

Empower contextual knowledge at the individual level

  • Fix as you work – We provide insights and resolution recommendations for the records you are visiting in real-time
  • Empower all users – enable the entire team to improve data at the moment of need
  • Frictionless resolution – solve all data problems for a specific record with just a couple clicks while staying in the same spot in Salesforce

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Strengthen Pipeline for Faster Revenue

Discover, enrich and track key leads to eliminate data decay and reduce impact on sales processes and opportunities

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  • Fight data decay proactively – data decays annually at 20% and without proper management can lead to duplicates, internal conflicts, and poor customer experiences 

  • Conduct “Deep Sales” – follow existing customers as they switch to new accounts and leverage that relational intelligence to help current pipeline opportunitites
Lower costs – marketing to new clients can be 5-25x more expensive than selling to existing or previous customers
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  • Track decision makers – ensure you have real time updates on any job or account changes with key decision makers
  • Proactive pipeline management – get alerted when job changes occur on key opportunities
  • Auto update – ensure Salesforce records reflect any new job changes in real time without manual entry.
  • Source new ICP leads – get filtered searches and lists from Linkedin or SalesNav inside Salesforce with one click

  • Add valuable data into records – Manually or automatically add valuable information to your Salesforce records

  • Improve sales – with more data, sales teams can strategically segment, outreach and close deals faster

Eliminate Duplicate Data in Salesforce

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Save employees’ time by outsourcing the tedious tasks to us:

  • Increase productivity – Delpha can run on auto-pilot saving your users significant time from tedious Salesforce edits or updates
  • Flexibility in your hands – Turn it off and on as you desire and adjust the specific jobs or tasks you want automated
  • Catch problems in real-time – Delpha’s models are consistently running to detect problems and fix automatically

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Bad Data is Causing Huge Losses Today and Destabilizing Future Success


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