Use Relational Intelligence to Increase Revenue

Know when and where your existing customers change jobs and implement real-time contact job tracking inside Salesforce

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Delpha graphic showing a contact moving to a new account

Prevent Data Decay, Drive Better Revenue

graphic showing the costs of data decay

A CRM with accurate contact data can achieve the following:

  • Deep Sales – leverage relationship intelligence to bring existing or previous customers into new deal conversations.
  • Strengthen pipeline – know when key decision makers leave or join a key account.
  • Increase productivity – sales don’t need to waste time looking for the correct contact or spending too much time on manual data entry & edits.

Job Tracking Creates Valuable Sales Assets

Delpha dashboard for contact job tracking in Salesforce

Build a True 360 View of Key Contacts

Contact job tracking flow

Data decay reduces revenue

  • Unreliable CRM – with bad data, teams lose productivity and forecasting is never accurate
  • Reduced sales speed – decision makers changing jobs can end or slow down pipeline opportunities
  • Expensive to fix retroactively – costs are exponentially larger to fix later than to prevent

Nearly 50 million Americans changed jobs in 2022!

A graph showing the potential value gain of using good data versus bad data

Gain more value from your data

  • Eliminate costs from data decay – a CRM with accurate and reliable data reduces waste and improves strategic selling
  • Enable better Sales – when the data reflects the truth of today’s prospects, your sales can sell more efficiently
  • Identify risks faster – knowing job changes in real-time can equip teams to respond preserving pipeline

91% of data professionals surveyed that bad data impacts their company’s performance

A graphical representation of how Delpha can flag at-risk opportunities in Salesforce

Protect pipeline opportunities

  • Track decision makers – ensure you have real-time updates on any job or account changes with key decision makers
  • Protect pipeline management – get alerted when job changes occur on key opportunities
  • Auto update – update Salesforce to reflect any new job changes without manual entry

No more surprises when deals go cold due to job changes!

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