Eliminate Duplicate Data in Salesforce

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Graphic showing how Delpha can remove duplicates of Salesforce Objects inside Sales Cloud
A graphic showing how Delpha is able to detect and score potential duplicates in Salesforce

Reliable duplicate management

  • Advanced AI Assessment – our AI can efficiently assess all your CRM data accurately.
  • Real-time Confidence Scores – get scores for all detected duplicates based on real-time data.
  • New Metadata – New data is created on your records so you can own and process the data inside Salesforce, have greater visibility and make better decisions faster.

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Deduplication in Salesforce at scale

Animated graphic of how Delpha users can set a threshold value and get duplicates to merge automatically.
  • Automate with Customized Rules – manage high volume of duplicates using our automatic merging process based on your preferred rules.
  • Save Time – no need for any human intervention as the auto pilot will take care of the duplicates.
  • Complete Visibility – reports and dashboards are availabe to monitor what gets merged and when.
  • Tailored post-processing – define rules for the post-process such as change owners, send slack notification, or send to another application or tool.
Automated gif showing how to mass merge duplicates inside Salesforce with Delpha
  • Large Batch Processing with Customized Rules – data stewards can work off a comprehensive list view of all detected duplicates and mass merge based on pre-defined rules specific to your preferences.
  • Convenient Display – all matched duplicates are displayed with editable columns to easily compare data and make quick decisions.
  • Seamless Productivity – easily filter results to segment duplicates and merge faster based on scores, account, contact owner, etc.
Individual Delpha conversation notifying end users that the current record has duplicates in Salesforce
  • Individual Processing – empower all Salesforce users to leverage their contextual knowledge to merge detected duplicates.
  • No Restrictions – end users can select as many duplicates as they prefer to merge at once.
  • Smooth UI – dedupe when and where you need to, no need to leave your current record to execute the merge.

Deduping made easy

  • Easy Adoption – Delpha offers a simple, easy-to-use UI for quick adoption.
  • Quick decision making – get all the info you need to make the right decision based on your work routine in Salesforce.
  • Seamless execution – outsource the tedious tasks to Delpha to do the merge for you.
Delpha helps clients improve their data quality to build a trustworthy database in Salesforce

Empowering trust in your data

  • Transparent – always know when, how and why we have detected potential duplicates.
  • Native in Salesforce – all merging is done inside Salesforce, no need for data migration or integration with external systems.
  • Always Active – we’re always checking for duplicates, even when you’re sleeping!

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Delpha is available on the AppExchange where you can watch a demo video or test out our deduplication features.

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