Safeguard Data Throughout the Entire Journey

AI data augmentation solution to empower new success

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Delpha provides human augmentation to improve data quality and employee productivity

The Entire Team Will Benefit

Improve data quality throughout the entire customer journey

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  • Efficient marketing, better segmentation, improved personalization
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  • Effective workflows, high value selling, process automation
Delpha's recommendations to improve data quality and productivity are mobile-friendly
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Customer Success

  • Data-driven customer experience, faster ticket processing, improved customer retention
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  • Easy implementation, instant adoption, effective on all Salesforce objects

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  • Reduce wasted resources spent on campaigns made with inaccurate data
  • Improve and enrich contact details in real-time for better email marketing
  • Incorporate relevant information and insights into decision making process
  • Create accurate and detailed reports

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  • Automate time-consuming tasks to spend more time on high-value tasks and actual selling
  • Prioritize the right opportunities with complete data
  • Make sales processes automated and more efficient

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Customer Success

  • Increase brand reputation and customer lifetime value
  • Improve support efficiency and personalization
  • Decrease the time spent on data verification and account research
  • Deliver a better customer experience

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Information Technology

  • Improve data, not the model, to get better results from Einstein Analytics or AI
  • Quick and easy to set-up with native Salesforce application
  • Fast adoption for new users
  • No-code design for efficient customization
  • No external data storage and compliant with Salesforce security

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Bad Data is a Problem for All Industries

Health & Life Sciences

Financial Services & Insurance

Communications & High Tech



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Delpha Easily Adapts to Your Company’s Size and Goals

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Trust is Top Priority

  • 100% built-in Salesforce
  • Secure by design
  • No external storage of data

Easy Activation

  • Only a couple clicks to install
  • No external plug-in
  • Compatible with all devices and operating systems
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  • Eligible for all Salesforce Clouds
  • No minimal user requirement
  • Lightning-ready