Solve data quality from a human perspective

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Data quality problems cause inefficiency


of poor data comes from human error


of data are incomplete


user time wasted doing research

The degree of quality is determined by the key attributes of data

Visual Map of Data Quality pains

Improve data quality instantly upon activation of Delpha

Screenshot of Delpha Assistant Conversation for invalid SIC code

Incomplete Data

  • Reduce numbers of failed transactions.
  • Better analysis and contact management.
  • Increased productivity from reduced time spent on database maintenance.
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Screenshot of Delpha Assistant Conversation for duplicated contact

Duplicate Data

  • Removal of duplicate data reduces costs and improves brand.
  • Bad data can cause missed sales.
  • Good data improves customer service and communications.
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Screenshot of Delpha Assistant Conversation for unqualified contact

Unqualified Data

  • Improve efficiency of sales team with completed contact information.
  • Make contact transfers more efficient.
  • Find information faster with updated contact database.
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After enhancing the data, improve the quality of decisions

Vector graphic of sales efficiency

Sales Efficiency

  • Detect unusual behavior or incorrect process flows.
  • Incorporate new information and actionable insights into decision making process.
  • Automate tasks to increase productivity and reinforce best business practices.

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Bolster both data quality and sales effectiveness with next best actions

Screenshot of Delpha Assistant Conversation on Mobile devices

Next Best Actions

  • Delpha’s AI analyses data and context to provide strategic suggestions to improve data quality and sales efficiency.
  • Recommends actions to be taken to produce beneficial results.

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Customizable builder for unlimited workflows

No-Code design -Simple click-and-drag interface

Customizable workflows – Integrate tailored conversations pertinent to your business

Unlimited possibilities – The product is industry-agnostic and can assist any type of company

Screenshot of Delpha Assistant Conversation Builder
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  • Our highest priority is customer trust.
  • All your data stays in Salesforce.
  • We are secure by design.
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Built-in Salesforce

  • Set-up only takes 3 clicks via Salesforce AppExchange.
  • No external plug-in.
  • Compatible with all devices and operating systems.
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  • Cutting-edge platform technology.
  • Powered by Artificial Intelligence.
  • Customer success driven.

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